NBC, BBC–It All Spells Grease Which Smells Like Crap

NBC promises a reality show called You’re the One That We Want, a talent search to cast a revival of Grease set to open next June. Naturally, Satan’s spawn, the BBC, is behind this ignoble concept.

This is not some tacky show, this is the real thing, said Wayne Garvie, director of content and production for BBC Worldwide.

Oh, right–this isn’t tacky. This is art with a capital A. What’s more enertaining that watching feckless amateurs whose fondest dream is to be Sandy, warbling their way through Hopelessly Devoted To You. What can you expect from a guy named Wayne?

Chris Ayres explains the whole British ticky-tacky trick here.
He told us his reaction to the last Apprentice winner:

I quite liked him (Sean) but totally lost interest in the entire franchise about half way through, probably never to return. the show degenerated to the point where it was 20-min sponsor promotion and 30-min shouting in the boardroom.

Hint to NBC execs: the BBC doesn’t have to actually earn any money.