Ohio Newspapers Feel the NBA Finals Pain

On the losing end of Game 6, the headlines are anything but "Golden."

Not enough grit?! What NBA Finals were the Cleveland Plain Dealer front-page editors watching?*


King James left every ounce of grit imaginable on the Q Arena floor Tuesday night, with the Cavaliers almost making a tie-game of it in the final few minutes. So close, yet so injured. As some other Ohio newspaper front pages more accurately bled today.

For what it’s worth, FishbowlNY is already banking on a Cavaliers-Warriors finals rematch in 2016.





*Update (4:00 p.m.):
Apparently, many others felt the way we did about the Plain Dealer headline. From editor George Rodrigue’s latest notes column:

I wish we had said, “Grit was not enough”. That’s what the editor who wrote the headline meant to say. He was thinking that grit wasn’t enough to make up for the injuries that sidelined some players, and the fatigue that drained others. He didn’t realize, until he saw his words in print, that he had sent a very different message.

Normally, a headline like this would go through multiple levels of review. But our production team has suffered a wave of illnesses among themselves and their families. They were short handed, and faced an immensely challenging deadline. They had only seconds to marry the front-page photo and the front-page headline, then send the page to be typeset. With everyone in the shop focused on the pages in front of them, no one else caught the headline on the front page before the presses started.

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