Nature Publishing Group Joins Change the Equation To Bring Science Into Everyday Life

Nature Publishing Group, the publisher behind Scientific American and Nature, has joined the White House’s “Change the Equation” initiative. Launched today, Change the Equation seeks to expand President Barack Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” campaign in the United States:

Today at the White House, as part of his “Educate to Innovate” campaign to raise American students to the top of the pack in science and math achievement over the next decade, President Obama will announce the launch of Change the Equation, a CEO-led effort to dramatically improve education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Change the Equation, a new 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is a response by the business community to the Presidet’s “call to action” at the National Academy of Sciences in spring 2009 for all Americans to join the cause of elevating STEM education as a national priority essential to meeting the economic challenges of this century.

As part of its role in Change the Equation, Nature Publishing Group is committing a three-year “Bridge to Science” initiative, including a number of programs from Scientific American rolling out in 2011, in order to forge relationships among parents, students and scientists, and to inspire everyone to “embrace science as part of their daily lives”.

Through its “Bring Science Home” initiative, NPG seeks to inform parents on science experiments they can do with their kids at home.

For “Citizen Science,” Scientific American will introduce an online platform for children and adults alike to learn about and participate in current, ongoing scientific research.

The “Return on Science Education (ROSE)” initiative will see NPR and Cisco System team up to develop a model for assessing the return on investment from from national-level expenditures on STEM education.

“1000 Scientists in 1000 Days” is a program developed by Scientific American and several Nature journals in which they will recruit 1000 scientists to donate their time to promote STEM education by, for example, visiting classrooms across the U.S.

“Scitable” is a program through which NPG publishes learning guides for life and physical sciences for both high school and college classrooms.

Through “Bench to Blackboard,” NPG will work with Baylor College of Medicine to provide cost-free professional development to 50,000 high school biology teachers.