Natsume reveals E3 mobile lineup, including Gabrielle and Reel Fishing games

Natsume mobile 650

Video game developer and publisher Natsume has revealed its lineup of upcoming mobile titles, which will be on display at this year’s E3 video game convention in Los Angeles.

The lineup includes entries in the company’s “Gabrielle” and “Reel Fishing” franchises, with Natsume looking to offer something for everyone, including an endless runner, a store simulation game and more.

First for iOS is Reel Fishing Pocket 2: Ocean, which, as the name suggests, sees players catching ocean-based fish like mackerel, sea bass and bluefin tuna. Players will have access to 20 different rods and over 70 kinds of tackle, as they learn the skills necessary to catch the big one, at least virtually.

Next is Gabrielle’s Monstrous Duel, also for iOS. This strategy combat game will see players taking on zombies in battle. “However, just blindly picking items to use won’t make you victorious! Instead, you must carefully choose which item you want to use, as picking the wrong one will give your opponent a more powerful attack, or worse yet, send your own attack back at you! You’ll have to use brains instead of brawn to win these duels,” says Natsume.

Hometown Story: Pocket is on its way to iOS, and challenges players to run their own store, keeping customers happy as they appear in waves. Users must give customers exactly what they want before they become too impatient and leave.

Finally, a follow-up to Natsume’s Ninja Climb is in the works, called Ninja Strike. The iOS endless runner will feature the stars from the original game, including Blue Shadow, Crimson Flame and Sakura, each with their own powers.

Release dates for these games are still under wraps, but check back soon for more.

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