Nats Games To See Air In DC?

Comcast and Peter Angelos would do well to remember that in this area, Rep. Tom Davis gets what Tom Davis wants. And he’s decided he wants Comcast customers to watch all the Nationals games. As Jim Williams pleads today, Comcast should take the deal.

The latest out of Angelos’ dispute with Comcast, which has kept nearly all Nationals games off the dominant cable provider in the area, is that when called on Davis’ carpet, Angelos and Comcast relented a bit.

“‘We are prepared to talk about a potential amalgamation of the two systems,’ said Angelos, who until now had adamantly opposed sharing ownership in his Mid-Atlantic Sports Network with the cable giant. But Angelos said yesterday he would consider combining the two networks only if Comcast will make room on its cable channels for Nationals games,” the Post reports. “Comcast Executive Vice President David L. Cohen said after the hearing that he was open to further discussions about a combination of the two regional sports networks.”

Now here’s a question that we won’t hold our breath to see Deborah Howell answer: What’s the Post’s position/conflict vis-a-vis televising the Nats since their new radio station, WTWP, is home to all the games? The Post isn’t exactly an objective observer re: the Nationals any longer.