Native Facebook Application for Windows Mobile Officially Launches

In March, Inside Facebook discussed the official Facebook application that would be coming soon for Windows Mobile 6.5 users, and this afternoon, Microsoft announced the long-awaited release of Facebook for Windows Mobile. Previously, Windows Mobile users accessed Facebook via a basic mobile interface or the iPhone’s web version through Opera Mobile. But now, they can download their own Facebook app here.

Like the other Facebook applications out there for mobile phones, Microsoft’s newly released Facebook application allows users to update the News Feed with status and photo updates, receive Notifications and Requests, and access their own personal profile pages. A noteworthy feature is the phone book, which takes the phone numbers listed on your friends’ profiles and consolidates them: you can directly call, text, or Facebook message these contacts.

As you can tell from the image above, the Windows Mobile Facebook application doesn’t look the usual Facebook interface. Compare this to the iPhone Facebook app, which retains the same look and feel of the Facebook site.

Facebook for iPhone already has over 5.7 million monthly active users, and Facebook for Blackberry has over 4 million. The release of Facebook for Windows Mobile will surely increase Facebook’s mobile presence. You can follow what users are thinking about the application at the Windows Mobile Facebook Page.