Native Facebook Application Coming Soon for Windows Mobile 6.5

Windows Mobile users who want to access Facebook on their devices have historically had to choose between accessing the “slimmed down” version of Facebook Mobile at or using the Opera Mobile browser to load the iPhone version at Now, a native Facebook application is coming in Windows Mobile 6.5, according to PocketNow.

Here’s a video showing how it looks. This version was extracted from a Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM by XDA, according to PocketNow, and it might also be released as a separate download in the upcoming application marketplace.

It looks like a pretty full featured mobile version of Facebook. As you can see in the video above, this early version of Facebook for Windows Mobile includes a News Feed, status updates, profiles with wall tabs, photo viewing, and direct dialing/texting of friends directly from the friend list. In addition, it apparently works on all screen resolutions across devices, and possibly non-touchscreen devices as well.

Facebook for Windows Mobile marks the sixth mobile Platform that Facebook has developed by our count. The company has also developed:

Windows Mobile users are sure to be happy to hear the news. No word yet on whether Facebook is developing Facebook Connect support for Windows Mobile like it is for the iPhone.