Native Americans Plan New Cable Channel

Jay Winter Nightwolf, who currently hosts a program on 89.3 FM, joined a group planning to launch a cable channel geared towards Native Americans. Native American TV was formed in 1990, in part, to train Indian youths for careers in broadcast. Now the group wants to start a cable channel, which would feature news specials, cooking programs, films, historic documentaries, standup comedy and more. One program, “Meet Native America,” would bring together a panel of Indian journalists to interview lawmakers and newsmakers in a fashion similar to “Meet the Press.”

“BET has its own network and Univision appeals to Latinos (but)there’s nothing for Native Americans,” NATV executive director Randy Flood told the AP. But John Mansell, an area media analyst, believes breaking into the cable market is tougher than it was in the ’70s and ’80s when those channels entered the cable market. Now, it’s a far more saturated market and cable companies are less willing to take risks.