National Writers Union Launches Campaign Against ‘Heart and Soul’ Magazine

According to the National Writers Union, Heart & Soul magazine owes 60 writers a collective $200,000, and those writers are not gonna wait around anymore for their checks.

The NWU is meeting with those writers next week to figure out how to get their money; the union successfully recovered $360,000 for 60 freelancers who’d been waiting since 2009 for their checks, so the Heart & Soul writers may get the same treatment (a long, but ultimately satisfying, conclusion).

The NWU’s release about the matter says that Heart & Soul owner and publisher Edwin Avent is in the process of selling the magazine and spending $10 million on launching a new TV network, but hasn’t paid freelance contributors since January 2011.

“In late July, several contributors were told that payments were temporarily delayed because the 16-year-old magazine was changing owners, but that process has dragged out for five months without the deal being finalized,” the NWU said. “The prospective owners, led by journalist George Curry, who’s listed as the magazine’s editorial director,are already running the publication.

“Curry and his partners, Clarence Brown, Patrick Detry, and Pam Taylor, were to ensure that Avent had enough funds to pay his debts to writers, editors and other vendors. But according to recent updates on the deal, the new owners are acquiring the magazine’s title and subscription list, while its debts remain on Avent’s balance sheet.”

Calls to the Heart & Soul office were not answered and emails were not returned at the time of publication of this story.