National September 11 Memorial and Museum Aided by Hurricane Irene

With just two weeks away from its planned packed, yet somber opening, one of the many concerns ahead of the New York landing of Hurricane Irene was how it might affect the still-under construction National September 11 Memorial and Museum. “Could Hurricane Irene Uproot the 9/11 Memorial?” asked the New York Observer, speculating that maybe one of the 13 cranes surrounding the area might topple over, or the newly planted trees would be pulled out by heavy winds, or any number of other things that can happen when you combine heavy construction equipment, torrential storms and a somewhat fragile newly built sheen. However, in the end, the result was quite the opposite, as not only did both the memorial and museum escape relatively unscathed, save for a few broken branches and some minor flooding, the site wound up maybe even better because of the storm. Here’s from the same paper, the Observer, just two days after that original article:

In a way, the site is in better shape for its grand opening in exactly two weeks than it would have been had their been no hurricane. “The plaza looks great,” Mr. Daniels said. “All the preparations we did in preparing for the storm actually helped prepare us for the opening, like removing excess equipment and temporary fencing that had been surrounding the pools.”