National Review: Totally Ghetto

(Estimated) cost of the tan dress that National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez wore for last night’s 50th Anniversary Bash: $2,000
Price of a dinner ticket: $500.
Witnessing a drive-by as your night winds down: Priceless:

Kathryn blogs about it today:

    Although most of the non-city-dwellers in the Western world typically assume NYC is scary and dangerous, I have never, ever, my entire life had a problem there. At all hours. It probably has something to do with growing-up-there street smarts (Kathy from the Block?). But anyway, it was in D.C., when I was a teenager, where I saw my first dead body on a street. Honest to goodness: I had my first traumatic rat experiences in D.C. when in high school in town for summers with Washington Workshops and the Young America’s Foundation (yes, dork I was…did I say “was”?). And last night I saw my first random urban gun shooting. Some drunk/high dude in a car, shoots into the sky and zooms off. I love D.C., but…only during certain hours, and mostly for a handful of buildings.

Notes and pics from the party (including, if you’re a lucky, a picture of yours truly with arm draped around Mr. Limbaugh coming Monday…