National Review to Party With The Nation

Seems hard to imagine. Conservative journos hanging out with their liberal counterparts in a fancy party setting and not resorting to bullying or dumping drinks on one another? Because that went so well at CPAC.

But next week it’s set to happen as National Review and The Nation solidify their advertising marriage at a party at the infamous The Mayflower Hotel.

Late last year, the two publications agreed to join hands to create “Purple Network” to…

offer corporate advertisers a cheaper rate of advertising that is meant to clobber other Beltway pubs like Politico, The Hill, Roll Call and The Atlantic.

“Political magazines are always up against this with advertisers. This goes back a hundred years,” Teresa Stack, president of The Nation, told Folio last year. “They’re skittish about advertising on one side or the other, and this mitigates it because they’re talking to both sides.”