Learn How to Cover Obesity

Journalists may apply to the National Press Foundation to attend an all-expense paid trip to Aurora, Colo., to learn how to cover obesity. Those accepted into the program, which runs April 28 – May 1, will receive fully-paid transportation, “most meals”, free lodging and a “fascinating program” in coordination with the University of Colorado.

The description reads, “Sessions in the classroom and in the gym will help journalists develop sources and story ideas around a modern crisis that fuels chronic disease, saps our energy and even threatens national security. On-the-record experts will open a window into the fascinating web of social, cultural, political, economic and scientific factors that contribute to our unhappy surplus.”

Journalists from CNN, The Baltimore Sun and the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, all raved about last year’s obesity coverage program.

Application deadline: March 4, 5 p.m.

If you want to go, better get cracking. The application process doesn’t sound too complex, but you must write up a brief autobiography. See here.