National Museum of American History Sends Curator to Wisconsin for Protest and Debate Collectibles

You know you’ve made it big when the National Museum of American History sends someone out to pick up after you. We last reported on the museum sending out curators to find bits and pieces that would reflect the country at that moment during Barack Obama‘s inauguration. At that time, the museum scoured the National Mall, hunting for solid archival pieces. Now, the Washington Post reports, they’ve sent curator Barbara Klark Smith to Wisconsin to see what she’s able to dig up and collect surrounding the ongoing and captivating dispute between Democrats and Republicans over the state’s budget and setting limits on unions’ collective bargaining rights. Given all the signs and other paraphernalia likely generated from both those for and against Governor Scott Walker, there’s sure to be a treasure trove. Here’s a bit:

A spokeswoman for the museum said the Wisconsin debates and protests fit right into the museum’s mission.

“This is part of the museum’s long tradition of documenting how Americans participate in the political process. The museum collects from contemporary events because many of these materials are ephemeral and if not collected immediately are lost to the historical record,” said Valeska Hilbig, deputy director of public affairs for the museum.