National Media Runs with Fake Lisa Bonet Tweet About Cosby

lisa-bonetRemember her?

For years, she was seen on posters in pre-pubescent boys’ school lockers. Lately, she may as well be seen on milk cartons because Lisa Bonet has not made much of an appearance beyond a guest spot on Portlandia and the whole “getting married to Khal Drogo” thing.

Of course, now that her former boss has encountered a wave of negative publicity, many people in the media are looking for a quote, a wink, even a shrug that may irrefutably deny or confirm the narrative. In fact, the media is so hungry for confirmation from the former Cosby Show crew that they might fail to focus on whether the “people” in question are real.

That’s exactly what happened this weekend.

So, there is Lisa Bonet, hanging in her home, enjoying her privacy that she was maintained quite well, when this happened and Twitter subsequently blew up:


Sure, the screenname says “Lisa Bonet” — but the handle is @Lilakoi_Moon. Still, the tweet led much, if not most, of the Internet to believe that the on-screen baby girl of one Heathcliff Huxtable knew a little more than most about the actor’s real-world behavior.

In case you didn’t know (or weren’t born then, which could be likely), Lisa Bonet was fired from the show unceremoniously for “creative differences.” This fact almost certainly encouraged entertainment media to yell “Shots fired!” the minute they saw this tweet.

They ran with it.

The message scored well over 1,000 shares, largely because it was picked up by Page SixFox News, and other media outlets. The rumor mill began spinning out of control on Twitter.

Turns out Lisa Bonet isn’t the owner of the Twitter feed and never slammed Cosby. The national media has been duped, according to People and her manager:

“Lisa Bonet has no social media of any kind. Any posts made in her name were made by impersonators with unverified accounts. She also has no comment on the ongoing story.”

We probably shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the responsible account has been suspended. Now, would anyone in the entertainment media like to make a comment?