National Magazine Awards for Digital Media Announced

The great Jerry Seinfeld once said, “Awards don’t mean a goddamn thing. It’s stupid, they’re all stupid.” However! Everyone likes to get them, no matter how meaningless they are.

With that in mind, The American Society of Magazine Editors have announced the finalists for Digital Media – called the Digital Ellies – and both Time Inc. and Condé Nast received a slew of nominations.

Time was the big winner, with nominations spanning across nine of its titles, including Entertainment Weekly, InStyle,, Real Simple, Sports Illustrated, Sunset and Time. Condé Nast wasn’t too far behind with seven nominations for work by Epicurious, The New Yorker, Self, Vogue and

And since it seems so appropriate with the Academy Awards coming up, here’s another quote from Seinfeld’s anti-award show rant:

I don’t know why we’re so fascinated with actors in this culture. They haven’t got a thought in their stupid bed-head hairdo covered brains. We must honor this man! Why? He pretended to be Bob Johnson! He’s a genius I tell you! A genius! Playing dress-up and pretend is not genius ladies and gentleman, it’s not genius. Roll the cameras, put on these clothes, stand there, ready? Say what we told you to say!