National Journal Lacks Females Among New, Big-Name Stars

National Journal doesn’t have many women fighting for its new place in Washington, D.C. According to a report by the Columbia Journalism Review, the Journal has only hired 4 out of 20 women in its attempt to take down Politico.

Since June, the Journal has hired energy and environment reporter Coral Davenport, Congress reporter Susan Davis, general assignment reporter Fawn Johnson and chief political correspondent Beth Reinhard. At the same time, the company hired 16 men to help its coverage.

However, as the report points out, the National Journal isn’t acting as some boys club. The organization’s communications director Taylor West told CJR “Once the newsroom is fully staffed out, we’re expecting approximately half of the most senior editing positions to be held by women.”

Plus, while the new big-name hires are dominated by men, women account for 33 percent of the newsroom and 45 percent of new hires. Also, women hold leadership positions in sales & marketing, audience development, finance and communications, among other divisions.

That’s not terrible, but certainly not something to brag about.