National Journal Gives Itself Warm Fuzzy

Internal memos in newsrooms are the best, especially when they are warm, fuzzy and heartfelt. After all, journalists don’t get a lot of praise and it’s a profession that gets dumped on daily. But at National Journal, they are eternally and internally grateful.

The gist: They held their first-ever Member Summit on Monday and by Tuesday they were still marveling over how well it went. “It would be hard to overstate the success for National Journal,” wrote Bruce Gottlieb, President of National Journal Group. And he names names.

See who got shout-outs. Peruse the memo…

Subject: First Annual Member Summit

Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday we held our first annual member summit, with several hundred attendees.  It was a remarkable event and I want to recognize, in this brief note, the outstanding work of our Membership team in putting it together.

The effort built on a year’s work by our research team in building the presentation on “The New Tools of Advocacy,” over a year’s work by our membership team in bringing us to more than 750 member organizations, and a sprint to the finish line over the past few weeks and months by all concerned.

The formal, quantitative feedback from our Members in attendance was overwhelmingly positive—better than any of us could ever have expected.  The qualitative feedback was, if anything, even more encouraging.  It would be hard to overstate the success for National Journal.  In particular, I would like to recognize three individuals who played particularly noteworthy roles in this team effort:

Poppy MacDonald, as always, for her stewardship of the entire Membership effort—and for putting together a highly elegant afternoon and evening.

Nick Reding for leading the research effort, across days, nights, and weekends—and creating a body of research that we will be presenting and re-presenting across Washington in the months to come.

Scott Bohannon for presenting the material with wit and intelligence across four hours—and never once losing the audience’s attention.

On behalf of David and Justin (both of whom are traveling today) and the rest of the company, thanks to you all.



Bruce Gottlieb

President, National Journal Group