National Journal Comes Out with Gay Washington!


National Journal’s first special issue of the year – “Gay Washington” – explores the most influential gays in Washington, the lives of openly gay lawmakers, and the fight against gay marriage among other popular topics of discussion.

Adam B. Kushner, executive editor of National Journal Magazine, gave his reason for greenlighting the gay mag with:

“This town has always been a (sometimes ambivalent) home for ambitious, closeted gaymen and women. But now, ballot measures, state legislatures, and federal judges are advancing LGBT rights by the day; more openly gay members join Congress every cycle; the issues they and their allies champion occupy pride of place on the political agenda; and even Washington culture has become entirely habituated…Our correspondents see these changes on their beats every day. In this first such special issue—yet another first—we’ve begun to record the transformation in a systematic way. This is what the new world looks like.”

Below is a link to our favorite articles in the special issue. Can’t wait to pick up a hard copy this weekend!

The 30 Most Influential Out Washingtonians

For Gay Marriage, ‘The NRA Is the Model’

This Olympian Will Take the Gay-Rights Fight to Sochi (by our fav Marin Cogan!)

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