National History Demands That Chicago Get the Olympics


Well, we don’t want to add fuel to the fire, but there was this great local story running this week about how the proud tradition of world-renowned international events would continue, should Chicago get the Olympics to come to our quaint little town. In the story, “Chicago Olympics Would Follow In Footsteps of Two World’s Fairs,” Deanna Bellandi writes about both the 1893 and 1933 World’s Fairs and draws comparisons to what might happen to the city should we find ourselves in the situation we’d like to find ourselves. We’re sure they’re writing stuff like this “let’s get the people excited” piece in that coastal city we’d rather not mention the name of, but c’mon people, after you read the story, can’t we all just agree already that Chicago is the greatest place on Earth and that maybe every international event should be held here from now on? Is that too much to ask? Hello? Here’s some:

For the Olympics, a complex for cycling and beach volleyball would be built on the same peninsula and a $1.1 billion lakefront athletes’ village would be built above existing truck parking lots near the convention center, which also would host events.

It’s natural that the Olympics, like the fairs, would be centered in and around the city’s lakefront and parks, said Thomas Kerwin, a managing partner at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, the architectural firm serving as the master planner for the Chicago 2016 Olympic Organizing Committee.

“Our forefathers left us this incredible network of open spaces,” Kerwin said.