National Geographic: We Never Intended To Profile ND


Some North Dakotans are taking umbrage with National Geographic magazine. The January issue features an article by Charles Bowden called ”The Emptied Prairie,” about the decline of North Dakotan ghost towns. While some easygoing North Dakotans are taking the piece in stride, others are not. Even the Governor has weighed in against the article. Beth Foster, the Director of Communications for National Geographic magazine emailed FishbowlNY when we asked about the controversy:

”I think North Dakotans love their state and want people to know that there is more to North Dakota than the abandoned rural towns described in our article. We agree!”

When we asked Ms. Foster if she could speak to a ND resident that was
offended by the article what would you tell him or
her, she replied:

”The article was never intended to be a profile of the entire state. We were looking at the personal stories behind some of the buildings and what they revealed about people’s relationship to the land.”

(image via Evan Eile/USA TODAY)