National Geographic to Provide Images for Bing Homepage

That vivid image you see when calling up Bing may have been brought to you by National Geographic, as the Microsoft-owned search engine announced a partnership to use photographs from Nat Geo on its homepage.

Bing managing editor Stephanie Horstmanshof wrote on the Bing Blog:

Some things just naturally go together: Fred and Ginger; Bogart and Bacall; peanut butter and jelly. Today, I’m incredibly pleased to announce another natural partnership: Bing and National Geographic.

Our goal at the Bing homepage is to bring you beautiful, compelling photographs that encourage you to explore the world around you every day, even if you never leave home. What better way to meet this goal than to partner with one of the largest nonprofits in the world devoted to exploration and a leader in high-quality photojournalism?

This month, we will begin featuring some of the stunning photos from National Geographic photographers on

We hope you enjoy this partnership as much as we do!