National Geographic iPad app now has sharing options & subscriptions

The National Geographic Magazine updated its iPad app last week, and it is an excellent example of the latest features offered by Adobe’s digital magazine platform.

Readers can now subscribe to the app for $2 a month or $20 a year, which is a very nice change from the old rate of $5 per single issue. On a related note, print subscribers will soon have free access to the iPad app along with their existing subscription.

The NG Magazine also now offers sharing options for most articles. Readers can post an excerpt to Facebook or email a clipping. This takes the user outside the app, unfortunately, but that’s a small price to pay to gain this option.

You can download the app for free in iTunes, and it comes with 1 free issue (February 2011). That issue is worth downloading to see if you think it’s worth buying, but it’s also worth getting just for the active content.

I reviewed the free issue a while back, and it’s an excellent example of the right way to add interactive content to a digital magazine. It  has a video clip, interactive maps, infographics, as well as many full screen photographs. The general design and the layout of the text and articles had been changed completely from the print edition. The new design worked much better on the iPad than the Kindle edition, B&N edition, or even the print edition.

It’s definitely worth looking at.