National Gallery of Art Attacker Strikes Again, This Time Against Henri Matisse

You know that go-to image at a convenience store or a gas station where there are either photos or bounced checks tacked to the wall with a sign that reads something to the effect of “Do not serve” or “Cash only”? It might be a bit tacky, sure, but we’re thinking maybe the National Gallery of Art should have a space for one at their entrance, particularly so that they don’t let Susan Burns sneak in again. Following her attack on Paul Gauguin‘s “Two Tahitian Women” back in April, wherein she removed the painting off the wall and pounded it on the floor, fortunately not breaking the plastic case it was protected in, the mentally disabled woman recently appeared again at the museum and attacked Henri Matisse‘s “The Plumed Hat.” According to the Washington Post, Burns tried to remove the painting from the wall, but was unable to do so completely before being apprehended. Though the painting doesn’t appear to have been affected, the “antique original frame” was apparently damaged to some degree. The Post writes that when she was detained for the attack in April, she was required to sign a document stating she’d stay away from all museum, the National Gallery in particular. Given how well that worked the first time, we’re guessing they’ll make her sign at least two forms saying as much this time around.