For the First Time, the National Enquirer Is Ad-Free

An end-of-summer gift from American Media Inc. CEO David Pecker and chief content officer Dylan Howard.

This never happened at the behest of original owner William Griffin. Nor did it occur on the watch of Generoso Pope Jr., who bought weekly newspaper the New York Enquirer in 1952 for $75,000 and renamed it the National Enquirer several years later.

Rather, it is during this, the tabloid’s 89th year, that American Media Inc. CEO David Pecker and chief content officer Dylan Howard have decided to put forth an edition of the Enquirer entirely devoid of advertising. Inside the August 31 issue, hitting newsstands today, there is the usual mix of news, gossip and exclusive interviews.

The Enquirer spoke with Vicki Hufnagel, 65, a retired physician who claims that while she was a resident at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in the late 1970s, she saw Dr. Maclyn Wade, head of the obstetrics and gynecology department, provide Bill Cosby with a prescription for Quaaludes:

After the exam, while Camille was getting dressed, Vicki, Cosby and Dr. Wade returned to his office. That’s when Dr. Wade asked the comedian if he needed anything, or if he still needed stuff for traveling, Vicki claimed.

“Bill told Dr. Wade, ‘Yes, I am constantly traveling between L.A. and New York City, and I’m not getting enough sleep.’”

“Dr. Wade … grabbed a prescription pad and filled it out and signed it. He then handed the prescription to me to hand to Bill. When I had the slip in my hand, I noticed it was made out to Bill Cosby and it was for Quaaludes. I was in shock.”

The Enquirer has also been relentless in its coverage of the re-opened investigation into the 1981 death of Natalie Wood. In this latest issue, there is an interview with Florida-based lie-detection expert Michael Sylvestre. The certified voice stress analyst provides damning analysis of two interviews given by Robert Wagner.

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