This EIC’s Ambitions Are ‘Much Bigger Than Bikinis’

Joe Pompeo’s piece in the August issue of Capital magazine about the National Enquirer is full of descriptive detail.


Sourcing of Enquirer stories, the reporter writes, sometimes ‘looks thinner than a supermodel’s waistline.’ More flatteringly, he found editor-in-chief Dylan Howard to be ‘looking sharp in his tortoise-shell glasses and dark-blue linen Ludlow suit’ during a recent visit to the AMI publication’s consolidated NYC operations. To Pompeo, Howard appeared even a little… angelic:

The cherubic 32-year-old was installed in the Enquirer’s top masthead slot when American Media Inc. moved the title back to Manhattan from the company’s flagship Florida headquarters this May. His ambitions are much bigger than bikinis.

“I want to break the next John Edwards story,” Howard told me over lunch before the editors’ meeting, referring to the former presidential candidate’s downfall at the hands of a lengthy Enquirer investigation. The take-down unfolded between 2007 and 2009, revealing that Edwards had cheated on his cancer-stricken wife with a campaign staffer who bore him a child.

The bikinis referred to above relate to that Enquirer editors’ meeting attended by Pompeo and a forthcoming photo spread featuring an unnamed  67-year-old actress.

If Pompeo appears to be going a little overboard in spots with the descriptions, including a paragraph that outlines Howard’s Delmonico’s lunch order and the proximity of the EIC’s one-bedroom apartment, bear in mind that he may quietly be tipping his Fedora to the  tabloid/gumshoe approach. Read his full piece here.

P.S. As far as the identity of that 67-year-old bikini “bod squad” member, one possibility is Suzanne Somers. TBB.