National CineMedia Extends FirstLook to Web

National CineMedia is extending its FirstLook preshow program from the big screen to the computer screen with the Nov. 5 launch of its new Web site ( Intending to create an interactive entertainment and social media destination for consumers, NCM is also hoping to build an integrated marketing platform and gateway for advertisers.

Advertisers participating in the launch of the new site include Sony, which has provided exclusive worldwide content from the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace, and Honda. premieres with dedicated sections on movies, TV and NCM events, links to tickets through Fandango, and social media features including the ability to post and share NCM content. Taking the movie trailer interactive, HyperTrailer allows users to pause action and select a variety of directions to explore different aspects of a movie such as interviews, special effects, games and even do content-related shopping. The first HyperTrailer is the Quantum of Solace.

“This expansion of our cinema advertising business online will allow advertisers to extend beyond the 360-degree marketing reach of the movie theatre environment,” said Cliff Marks, president of sales and marketing for NCM.