Nathan Reddy: ‘Branding Is Not Just About Pretty Pictures’

NReddy.jpgAs any successful high school debater can tell you, the faster you speak, the more you can say. And yet branding guru Nathan Reddy of GRID managed to speak at a reasonable pace in his Pecha Kucha presentation at this year’s Design Indaba Expo, the curated showcase of South African design that coincides with the annual Design Indaba Conference in Cape Town. For the uninitiated, Pecha Kucha (Japanese for the sound of conversation) challenges presenters to make their case with 20 images, each of which is shown for 20 seconds each. In the video posted below, Reddy shows you how it’s done, as he reviews seven brands developed by GRID, including Virgin Mobile, Converse, and South Africa—the brand. But don’t let those stunning images fool you. “Branding,” notes Reddy, “is not just about pretty pictures.”

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