Nathan Lane Recalls Rough Interview Experience

"It was ridiculous - the darkest sad-clown story ever."

Fun little piece in New York magazine. Alex Morris sat down for dinner with Nathan Lane, John Goodman and John Slattery, the stars of the upcoming Broadway revival of The Front Page, to talk about the media.

At one point, Lane remembered a profile that had a mind of its own:

“The interviewer I knew very well, and the notion was we were going to talk honestly about things and it wasn’t going to be a puff piece. And then she told me the editor had said, “Go darker, darker.” So the article made me out to be bipolar. I mean, people wrote me and said, ‘You need medication.’”

“It was ridiculous – the darkest sad-clown story ever. And the first thing I said to her was, ‘Please don’t write the sad-clown story, that I’m the funny guy who’s sad, because if we start to talk about my childhood – you know, I had a rather tragic, Irish Catholic childhood – but we all have our pains and our sorrows. Please don’t make it that.” And it became the utmost version of that.

We’re pretty sure the piece Lane is referring to is this one.

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