NatGeo April Issue Features 10 Different Covers

Sexy, furry cover stars.

 If variety is truly the spice of life, the April issue of National Geographic—which features 10 different covers—is certain to please.

Each portrait was shot by NatGeo photographer Joel Sartore, who has photographed nearly 6,000 animals for NatGeo so far.

Subscribers will just have to wait and see which cover they receive, as they’re getting sent randomly. Likewise, newsstands will carry a few of the 10 covers.

The April issue cover stars include waxy monkey tree frog, hippopotamus, snake-necked turtle, snowy owl, Malayan tiger, Brazilian porcupine, southern three-banded armadillo, Indian peafowl, mother and baby koalas, and sifaka.

We heard rumors that the porcupine was quite the diva during the shoot, but we have no confirmation on that just yet.