National Enquirer Publishes Explosive New Natalie Wood Claim

It apparently took five bylined reporters to wrangle a worrisome new circumstantial allegation about the weekend of Natalie Wood’s drowning death off Catalina Island.

The tabloid spoke to 52-year-old interior designer Robin Butillo, who back in 1981 was roommates with someone she describes as a “close friend” of actor Christopher Walken. Hours after news broke of Wood’s drowning death, she says her roommate fielded a telephone call from the actor:

“In the phone call, it was clear that Chris was devastated by the tragedy. He was upset and confessed that a ‘sex secret’ had occurred, leading up to Natalie’s death.” Butillo added: “While it’s clear Chris had no involvement in Natalie’s actual death, he clearly felt the need to unload his sorrow on his friend.”

The Enquirer is withholding the specific details of what Butillo claims Walken al­legedly told her roommate about the “sex secret.” The roommate, now a successful Hollywood business­woman, confirmed she knows Walken.

Butillo says she has been haunted for years by what she knew. Although it seems strange that Walken would so casually reveal such information in the aftermath of the tragedy, it falls in line to a certain extent with the contents of the 2009 book co-authored by Marti Rulli and Splendour captain Dennis Davern. Either way, Butillo and the Enquirer will likely soon be hearing from (if they haven’t already) the L.A. Sheriff’s detectives who have re-opened the investigation into Wood’s death.
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