Nasty Cat Fight Breaks Out Between Olbermann and Daily Caller

It’s the new in thing – a weekly Friday Twitter fight between MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and The Daily Caller. The Daily Caller published a story today by Ruth Graham – the story that declared that Olbermann only brings on guests who agree with him.
Then the fight moved onto Twitter.

12:30 p.m. The Daily Caller: Keith Olbermann knows what @KeithOlbermann is talking about
12:30 p.m. Olbermann RT @DailyCaller Keith Olbermann knows what @KeithOlbermann is talking about /Daily Caller has never known what Daily Caller is talking about
1:45 p.m. Olbermann RT @jtLOL amusing how a guy who claims not to read @DailyCaller knows so much about (it) /I worked with its founder. Bow tie contained brain
2 p.m. Olbermann: @DailyCaller Nice ratings decline. Looking forward to you on cable access /Never. Can’t deny Tuck his last TV chance
2:10 p.m. The Daily Caller: well @KeithOlbermann, @tuckercarlson is hosting @hannity tonight. Let’s see how those numbers work out.
The Daily Caller’s Sean “Jim Treacher” Medlock is clearly also getting in on the fun. He’s mentioned above…
Treacher: jtLOL @KeithOlbermann Kudos to whoever does your “hair” and makeup. Looks like a dead hamster on a basketball.
Keith Olbermann: RT @jtLOL as we’re going sartorial does that mean it’s ok to make fun of whatever that thing is on your head? /They’re called “glasses”
Treacher: jtLOL @KeithOlbermann You comb your glasses? Well, I guess they pay somebody to do that for you. For now.