NASDAQ Partnership Uses Stock to Build Loyalty

NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions in partnership with Loyal3 will now offer companies Loyal3’s Customer Stock Ownership Plan (CSOP) platform, which allows customers to purchase stock on Facebook and the Web. According to NASDAQ and Loyal3, the CSOP offering builds brand loyalty between consumers and the businesses they’re purchasing stocks in.

With this platform, consumers can purchase stock (as little as $10 worth)  in public companies after just three clicks. Once stock is purchased, the new stockholder can tell their friends about it with a post on their Facebook wall. And the service — both the buying and selling of stock — is free for customers.

“[Companies] understand that customers who are also shareholders are going to be much more valuable customers,” said Barry Schneider, CEO of Loyal3 and the CSOP inventor.

“We’re providing access for everyone. It’s as easy as buying a book on Amazon,” he added.

According to a statement from Schneider, “only 17.9 percent of families invest directly in stocks.  This low penetration among American families exposes a market inefficiency that CSOPs seek to remedy.”

Adding ease, low-cost, and a social component should help.

“Social media has created a way to put word-of-mouth on steroids,” NASDAQ OMX CMO John Jacobs told us. “We expect that when people are excited enough to be loyal to a NASDAQ brand, they’ll talk about it.”

In addition to a post on Facebook, companies can also promote their use of CSOP through NASDAQ’s GlobeNewswire, Corporate Intelligence, and IR websites.