NASA Invites Twitter Users To Watch Jupiter-Bound Spacecraft Launch

If you’re a space geek, tune in tomorrow at 10:30am ET to listen in on the conversation between some lucky NASA Twitter followers and the NASA team involved in Friday’s launch of a Jupiter-bound spacecraft.

150 lucky Twitter followers were chosen by NASA to watch the launch of the Juno spacecraft, which is bound for Jupiter. They’ll join in via a Tweetup, but they’ll also get some hands-on experience with the space giant, including a tour of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral.

This is the sixth time NASA has invited a small group of randomly selected Twitter followers to watch a momentous event. Some of the most memorable NASA Tweetups were the launch of the last shuttle into space in April and the offer to allow 30 Twitter followers to pilot the shuttle simulator.

The Juno Tweetup will involve a two day event, culminating in the actual launch on Friday. Prior to the launch, the 150 Twitter invitees will get to chat with NASA’s chief scientist and half a dozen people from the Juno team. The chat will be broadcast on NASA’s Ustream channel.

After the chat, participants will be able to get a close-up tour of Juno’s launch pad, among other notables around the Space Center.

Juno itself isn’t set to arrive at Jupiter until 2016, but when it does, these lucky 150 Twitterers will have quite a story to rehash!

If you’re interested in more space-y things and the chance to be part of the next NASA Tweetup, check out the details, and list of NASA Twitter accounts to follow, here.