Drake Happily Makes Time for Nardwuar

Another score for Canada's most idiosyncratic music journalist.

For a long time now, people have periodically asked, “Who Is Nardwuar?” In the wake of the Canadian media personality’s one-hour interview with Drake and colleague 40 earlier this month in Toronto, the latest to pose that question include Guardian US deputy arts editor Lanre Bakare.

Nardwuar first hit the airwaves of University of British Colombia student radio station CITR 101.9 FM in 1987, just a few years after SCTV had gone dark. Had Martin Short been at the time still actively parodying Canadian media figures, he almost certainly would have zeroed in on Nardwuar.

And in at least one respect, Nardwuar (real name: John Ruskin) shares a journalistic method with one-time CITY-TV Toronto interviewer Brian Linehan, who was spoofed by Short. From Bakare’s May 27 piece:

Nardwuar spends around a week researching each guest and – here’s his key sell – brings them gifts to jog their memories. His deep dives reveal anything from guilty pleasures and seminal records from their pasts to more intimate nuggets, like the fact DJ Khaled used to put his mixtapes in trainers when he worked at a sports shop, or that Hudson Mohawke’s dad rapped on a song for the defunct Glasgow Diamonds American footie team.

Next year will mark Nardwuar’s 30th anniversary on-air year. Expect some extra-special gifts.

H/T: Christopher Inoa