Narcissistic? This Lexus Will Paint your Portrait While You Drive!

In case being seen whipping around corners and gliding down thruways in a high-end luxury car doesn’t do quite enough for your ego, Lexus, for its new “Art is Motion” ad campaign, has created an in-car app that paints your portrait based on the way you drive.


Your speed and driving style determine the precision of the brush stroke, while the color palate is determined by which part of the Lexus IS 300h’s hybrid engine you’re using at the time the portrait is being painted. We can just imagine being invited to a dinner party at which the host unveils his portrait, done by his car.

“And this strong brush stroke here is when I cut off that idiot who had the audacity to travel in the passing lane,” he’d say while simultaniously pointing to the work of art and swirling his glass of wine as his guests nod politely.

While the cars we drive, and the manner in which we drive them, have always been tied to our greater identities in some way, this campaign takes that association quite literally — and to a whole (incredibly pretentious, but still kind of cool) new level. “The project is the construction of the identity as a hybrid between genetics and experience, which will be represented by a photograph of the driver and the driving experience,” explains the artist who helped develop the software.

If you plan on seeking out a dealer who can sell you one of these magic mirror-esque vehicles, we’re afraid you may have to wait a while; the project, created by agency Happiness Brussels, has so far only been set up for one art collector in Belgium.

In the meantime, we guess you’ll just have to keep taking those ill-advised behind-the-wheel selfies and getting creative on Instagram.