Huffington Post Hit With Patch Attack

The first phase of’s USA domination (and employee bonus-triggering) plan is complete: the year-end 2010 goal of launching 500 local news websites has been met. In fact, with two weeks still to go in 2010, they’ve already crossed the 600 live-URL threshold.

Far more interesting now is going to be watching which Patches maintain a distinct and pithy local voice. Some have found it already, and an item shared yesterday via Napa’s Patch strikes a welcome, more aggressive tone.

Catching up to a December 10th HuffPo travel article, Napa native Christy Bors (pictured) responds:

[Mara] Gibbs delivered her frothy little foodie-travel essay about the resorts and restaurants of the Napa Valley without ever stepping foot into Napa; she didn’t even seem to know about the actual town at all…

I do get the appeal of the “prestigious” wineries, high-end resorts and bucket-list restaurants that have helped put our county on the map. But give a Napa girl a break, Ms. Gibbs! You completely missed a town that’s home to more than half the people in your “delightful Napa Valley,” and we’re getting a little tired of being treated as if we don’t exist.

Bors’ own delightful tongue-in-(bouquet-spitting)-cheek Patch bio lists more than a dozen occupations besides that of “writer.”

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