Naomi Watts Covers Capitol File

She talks about meeting Fay Wray.

Capitol-File-Naomi-Watts-Spring-CoverCapitol File puts Naomi Watts on the cover and inside the pages of its spring issue with a photo spread and profile that takes us through the actress’ early years in Australia to her recent projects and life in Manhattan’s TriBeCa with partner Liev Schreiber and their two kids.

It ends with Watts describing meeting Fay Wray, of King Kong fame, during the filming of the remake, which Watts starred in.

Watts and Peter Jackson and a few others crammed into Wray’s tiny book-lined apartment on New York’s Upper West Side as Wray, who was in her 90s and near the end of her life, told story after story about a career that spanned 57 years.

“Something beautiful happened near the end,” Watts says, her voice growing soft. “She leaned over and whispered in my ear. The specific words are a blur now but the feeling was that she was passing the baton. It wasn’t from her to me specifically but more like her generation making room for a new one. ‘It’s your turn. It’s your moment.’ Since then, I always think, you have to be awake to that.”

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