Nancy and Arianna Bond Over Bedraggled Sofa

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took time to get pink and squishy with HuffPost Thursday morning. Speaking to roughly 30 of the publication’s female employees, she shared the story of how she and Arianna Huffington (back then she was Arianna Stassinopoulos) first met two decades ago. Though the publication writes about itself, there was no byline. The story oddly uses “we” in the first graph, as in “We were so fortunate this morning to have Representative Nancy Pelosi stop by…”

“…Arianna stopped by Pelosi’s house in California over twenty years ago. While dazzled by her guest, Pelosi said, she couldn’t stop thinking about the bedraggled state of a white duck sofa in her kitchen that her five young children had all but destroyed. Pelosi and Huffington shared a laugh over the story before Pelosi reflected back on her years as both a politician and mother, both careers she’s not abandoning anytime soon.”

Pelosi offered 10 tips to the ladies “about getting into politics and just being better at life.” She said women should “know your power,” and “trust your gut.” Read here.