Naming Names

So there’s a debate going on the bulletin boards about a regional magazine that’s having trouble paying freelancers.

Poster #1: “I wrote for a regional quarterly magazine for the first time a couple of months ago. They pay on publication, which is not my preferred, but the assignment was interesting and the editor seemed to have her s*it together. My piece was due on Feb. 16th and I met the deadline, she accepted the piece, and it came out as scheduled the first week of April. In the meantime, she assigned me two new pieces for the summer issue, which I accepted on the same terms. I’ve turned in those two pieces but have still not been paid for piece #1. I called to check if they had received my invoice–they had–and was told they were having some cash flow problems and they would send it out later in the week. That was two weeks ago.”

Poster #2: “If this is taking place in an Eastern Seaboard state that begins with a P, with additional editions in a state that begins with M or a nonstate that ends in DC, these people are shysters.”

So, um, which could it be:

A) Capitol File (with other magazines in New York, California, and Colorado)
B) DC Magazine (with other magazines in Illinois, Georgia, Texas, and California)
C) DC Style Magazine (with another magazine in Pennsylvania)

Anyone else have insight they care to shed on this topic?