Names, Quiz Domination and Farmville Cheats Top This Week’s Gainers List by Monthly Active Users

The first app on this week’s list of top growers by monthly active users, How original are my parents?, makes us wonder: is it really only kids using this application? With over half the visits to Facebook coming from users over 24, some of this app’s success could be coming from parents taking this quiz to find out whether they’re still hip or not.

This list, below, is taken from AppData, and shows the 20 games that gained the most monthly active users in the past week. We also talk about the data on Inside Social Games, where we ponder this week whether second placer Pillow Fight is a game or not. Here are the rest of the top 20:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. How original are my parents?13,342,950+6,247,972+46.83
2. Pillow Fight15,063,982+2,982,837+19.80
3. Quiz Planet!14,228,794+1,586,786+11.15
4. Happy Island9,012,780+1,496,063+16.60
5. Entrevista tus Amigos6,925,288+1,415,252+20.44
6. Birthday Cards29,700,484+1,308,207+4.40
7. Zoo World13,335,340+1,290,837+9.68
8. Dante’s Inferno5,043,127+1,147,901+22.76
9. Tiki Farm4,732,995+1,101,304+23.27
10. Causes24,691,506+1,068,463+4.33
11. Facebook for iPhone24,947,093+863,660+3.46
12. Static FBML9,650,333+670,354+6.95
13. Texas HoldEm Poker24,197,747+616,280+2.55
14. FarmChat1,611,306+610,235+37.87
15. Zoosk7,131,471+552,646+7.75
16. Country Life7,229,831+536,608+7.42
17. Wild Ones1,129,240+505,543+44.77
18. FarmVille Cash1,378,053+500,307+36.31
19. Music10,921,455+496,945+4.55
20. Mobile17,493,750+496,256+2.84

Coming in third and fifth with nice growth are Quiz Planet! and Entrevista tus Amigos (ask your friends), two quiz-creation apps that have continued significant week-over-week growth. As apps like these succeed they’ll tend to make their own monopolies, based on their active communities and thousands of user-submitted tests and quizzes.

Birthday Cards and Causes both made it on at fairly high positions, despite low percentage growth in new users; these two apps are long-running and successful, and seem to just be making up a little lost ground from December. That’s more emphatically the case for Static FBML, a profile editor  used by other Facebook applications, whose MAU dipped significantly during the holidays. It’s daily active user number seems to be growing well, though.

FarmChat will likely be able to avoid the grisly fate of Farmville Gift Sender, a knockoff of Facebook’s top game that was banned for intellectual property infringement. Yet the chat app, which takes number 14 this week, is almost certainly based on Farmville; it describes itself as a place to “meet new Game player friends in chat rooms and learn other players’ game cheats.”

Also take note of Zoosk. We said last week that the dating app is one to watch, and its slow climb up the rankings (from number 20 to 15) seems to bear that out. Before long, Zoosk may become the first truly successful dating app on Facebook — besides, that is, itself.