Name This Plane And Win A Trip

Ever see a plane fly by and think, “wow, I have the perfect name for that plane!” If so, this contest is for you.

And even if not, clever name maker uppers will want to take note. Not only will someone win bragging rights for naming a plane, they get a free flight too.

Thomson Airways wants YOU to name its Boeing 787 Dreamliners using Twitter.

How do you enter? Tweet your name suggestion (and reason for the name) and tag it with #nameourplane.


Chris Browne, Managing Director of Thomson Airways, comments: “We’re delighted to be the first UK airline to fly the 787 Dreamliner. We feel that this is the perfect way to give something back to our customers and make one of them a part of our history as we celebrate our 50th anniversary.

Not only will the winner choose the name of our state-of-the-art aircraft, but they will also win a flight on-board where they can enjoy a host of ground-breaking features designed to make their in-flight experience more enjoyable.”

So can you come up with a winning entry using less than 140 characters (including the hashtag)? We bet you can.

And please note that the winner will be chosen by a panel of judges and they will be giving “special consideration” to tweets that include original twitpics of the tagged plane.

Good luck!

(Name badge image from Shutterstock)