Name Game Winner #3: Jami Drost

And last but certainly not least among our three grand prize winners in the UnBeige Name Game is Jami Drost, a graphic designer in the Cleveland area who came up with the inspired typeface-named trio of Biffo for a dog, Iconics for a band, and for a child? Stempel Schneidler, or “Stempy” for short. We’ve matched up the typefaces with some photos in the above graphic. When we contacted Drost to offer our congratulations, we asked her to tell us a bit about herself. “My favorite word is ‘perspicacious,'” she says. “And so far I have driven, hiked, or climbed to the highest geographical point in 24 of the 50 states as a member of the Highpointers Club.” And if you’re in the market for a clever, adventurous, and perspicacious designer, we hear that Drost is currently looking for work.