Name Game: Honorable Mentions

You’ve seen the grand prize winners of the inaugural UnBeige Name Game (in which we challenged you to name a dog, a band, and a child after commercially available typefaces), but we also wanted to share with you the outstanding entries that we’ve deemed worthy of honorable mentions in each of the three categories.

“I always wanted to name a dog Barcelona,” wrote Jennifer Uner, who plans events for GOOD. “Yell it across the room for full effect.” (Or sing it like Freddie Mercury.) Graphic designer Craig Patterson picked Poor Richard, a perfect fit for this sad-eyed black lab or any canine with a taste for almanacs.

Typeface names seem to lend themselves to musical monikers, making it particularly difficult to choose our winners, but we couldn’t resist Alicia Feliz‘s creative combination of Mister Chuckles (the jubilant, Deco-flavored typeface by Nick Curtis) and Zipper into what sounds like a promising Ska act: Mister Chuckles and the Zippers. Craig Bower, creative director at Ignite Digital, kept it short and sweet with his idea for a band called Swister, after the typeface designed by Chank Diesel and Alison Olmack.

In selecting the honorable mentions for typeface-inspired children’s names, our unabashed Francophilia won the day. Ami Dalal nominated the jaunty Garamouche, Garamond’s drunken cousin, while Joe Greco suggested naming the little one Anisette, the licorice-flavored typeface that tweaks the Art Deco capitals in A.M. Cassandre‘s posters. “Before our first child was born, my wife and I would go back and forth on names,” wrote Greco, the corporate design director at GateHouse Media. “She bought two books that had a total of some 70,000 names with the hope that somewhere within those pages was the name of our first born…and second born. We decided on Dylan and Matthew, but who would have thought that to find a cool baby name, all we had to do was open a font book?”

Finally, winning major points for parsimony was Danu Widatama, who picked the multifunctional Georgia for naming a dog, band, and child. Explained Widatama, “It’s simple and stylish.”

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