Namco Bandai Games releases Hello Kitty Tap and Run on iPhone, Google Play


Namco Bandai Games has released Hello Kitty Tap and Run on iPhone and Android devices, offering an 8-bit, side-scrolling ‘runner’ experience for fans of the adorable white cat. While not a true endless-runner, as each level has a definite end, the game plays similarly to mobile endless runners, challenging players to jump over obstacles and collect apples scattered randomly in each area.

In each level of the game, Kitty and her friends run from left to right on the screen, and players can tap on two buttons to complete actions. The jump button can be tapped once or twice for a single or double jump, while an action button sees Mage or Warrior Kitties (among other variations) attacking the evil creatures on the path in front of them.

The game offers “collectible card” elements as well, like those seen in Puzzle & Dragons, as one example. Players will collect treasure chests as they run through each stage, with chests containing different varieties of kitties. Duplicate or weaker cats can be used as fusion materials to make existing cats stronger, but only if players have enough apples to purchase the upgrade.


Levels require stamina to complete, which recharges over time. While waiting, players can decorate Hello Kitty’s room, dragging furniture and decor items to the top of the screen, swapping out wallpapers and more. By adding friends within the game, players can visit their friends’ rooms as well.

Hello Kitty Tap and Run is now available on iPhone and Google Play. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.