Namco Bandai, DeNA Partner on New Mobile-Social Gaming Unit

Tekken, anyone? Mobile-social gaming giant DeNA and Namco Bandai, which is behind storied brands like PAC-MAN and Tekken, are partnering to start a subsidiary focused on social gaming-style titles for smartphones called BDNA.

The project has a modest amount of funding at 100 million yen (or $1.3 million) and it will be 75 percent owned by Namco Bandai Games and 25 percent by DeNA. It will be headed by Shin Unozawa, the executive vice president of the company’s games unit. The unit will presumably create games that are of video game-caliber and have social gaming-style monetization. The two recently collaborated on Gundam Royale that has more than 3 million Mobage players in Japan.

Namco Bandai Games’ parent company Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. reported $1.14 billion in net sales, an increase of 7.7 percent over the same period the year earlier. Net income was roughly the same at $42.3 million. It doesn’t break out earnings for its gaming unit.

Meanwhile, DeNA said three weeks ago that its first quarter net income climbed 45 percent to $121.3 million from the same time period a year earlier. The boost came as users spent more on DeNA’s virtual currency Mobacoins with help from new carrier billing deals.