N+1 Goes Online

The literary and culture journal N+1 has put a lot its content online on a sweet new Web site. Now you can read about everything from zombie novels to the social movement that is the Internet without ever having to turn a clunky old page. Though if you want old-fashioned paper, they’re still printing the journal up, and the Web site only displays previews of some of the print content, so if you want the full experience, go for print.

Here’s some info from the editors: “As we have since mid-2004, we will continue to post new essays, stories, and experiments here once a week at the minimum. They will be shorter and timelier than what appears in the print magazine, but they will advance the general ideas and mission of n+1, as well as, we hope, of a more just, thoughtful, and decent society. As always, we urge you to subscribe to the print magazine, which remains the center of gravity for the n+1 project as a whole.”

Join the editors for a launch party for the newest issue in Brooklyn on May 1.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This post originally said that N+1 had put all of its content online. It was brought to our attention that in fact not all of its content in available on the new Web site–some of it is still print only. Sorry for the confusion.]