MyWeather for iPhone/Android Forecasts Your Street, Not Just Your City

Weather Central is looking to add some storm clouds to The Weather Channel’s forecast with its launch of MyWeather and its companion apps for the iPhone and Android platforms, offering location-specific weather information and personalized reports.

The company claims its technology is six times more precise when it comes to location-specific weather, offering forecasts that are specific to the block, rather than just the city.

The website and apps offer drag-and-drop widgets, “Futurecasts,” Twitter feeds, severe weather alerts, and customization.

Weather Central added that an iPad app will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

MyWeather president Chris Kelly said:

MyWeather is a weather application for the Facebook generation. We set out to provide users with a degree of customization and portability that they demand in an increasingly mobile world. MyWeather does that better than anyone else, offering a platform that is as intuitive as it is expert.

Weather Central founder and CEO Terry Kelly added:

With the launch of MyWeather, Weather Central is thrilled to bring its industry-leading weather data and graphics directly to consumers worldwide, and with a new level of personalization that’s never before been available. We’ve been a trusted weather information provider for more than 35 years, and we’re confident that consumers will find our products as reliable, useful, and accurate as our enterprise clients do.