Myth: Recruiters Can’t Help You Break Into A New Industry (And Other Tales)

We’ve covered what recruiters can’t do (find you a job if they don’t have a job open), but did you know they often can help you change careers?

“A good recruiter sometimes has the power to make a hiring manager consider a candidate he normally would pass on. An even better recruiter can both understand, and convince the hiring manager of the portability of your skills, even when they don’t match up in an obvious way,” writes Mindy Slobodkin Fineout at Yes, it’s true—recruiters have more pull than you might think!

In fact, even though we’re always told to “follow up with the hiring manager,” the recruiter is not someone you want to ignore, either, if you’ve made contact with her. “When a hiring manager may have several technically identical candidates in front of them,” Fineout writes, “it is not uncommon for them to turn to the recruiter for their input. If all hard skills are equal, it will come down to which candidate followed up, which has the better attitude, and even which was more receptive to the recruiting process. If you are friendly, respectful, responsive and appreciative, you are in good shape – the recruiter will almost always be in your corner.”

Common sense advice but good advice nonetheless.

Fineout busts three more myths at her original post.