YouTube Star MysteryGuitarMan Proposes On YouTube

We have all grown to know and love YouTube’s Joe Penna AKA MysteryGuitarMan through his quirky animated, musical YouTube creations. But his latest video, uploaded to YouTube just hours ago, lets us get to know Joe on a much more personal level, as he proposes to his girlfriend Sarah Evershed and shares the results with his fans. As you can probably guess, she said “yes!” After all, who could say “no” to one of YouTube’s most talented stars?

MysteryGuitarMan’s ‘Movie Trailer Proposal’ could very well be one of the top proposal videos of all time and is bound to break one million views in no time, as almost all of his videos do. The work that went into this proposal is, well, nothing short of spectacular. Joe created a fake movie trailer, took his girlfriend to the movies and…well…I won’t ruin the ending for you.

This just goes to show that when you become a YouTube star, YouTube really does become your life. Your fans are your friends and you want to share the exciting moments of your life with them (not to mention the fact that so much work went into this proposal that, how could he not share it?). So do you think Joe and Sarah will post a video of their wedding to YouTube?